First Visit

What to expect on your first visit:
The first time you come to see us, your dentist will only do an examination. No treatment will be carried out.

During an exam your dentist will:

• Look at your face and neck to see that they are healthy

• Feel under your jaw to check your glands for any sign of infection

• Check you jaw joints

• Look at your tongue, cheeks, lips, the roof of your mouth and back of your throat as part of the oral cancer screen and to check that everything is healthy

• Look at your teeth for any signs of decay or damage

• Check your gums for any sign of gum disease

• Make a record of any visible treatment that you have had in the past

• For children, the dentist will check the development of the jaw and teeth
  and can make a referral to the orthodontist if necessary

• Take an X-ray if necessary

After the exam your dentist will tell you if you need any treatment and inform you of all the choices available including costs and benefits of each option.

Initial exams take a little longer than a regular check-up. When you come back for future check-ups your dentist will compare your mouth, teeth and gums to the last time they saw you. Regular examinations mean your dentist can spot problems and correct them early before treatment becomes more complicated. They can also guide you in maintaining your oral hygiene at home to prevent problems occurring.