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Preventative anti-ageing

Combat the effects of ageing, sun exposure, smoking and lifestyle with anti-wrinkle injections (botox). An anti-ageing treatment that will bring youth and rejuvenation back to your skin

Non-invasive procedure with no downtime and fast, effective results

Results: You will probably start to see some effect within a few days of having botox however the full effects take up to two weeks to appear.

How long do anti-wrinkle injections last? This will differ from person to person, but patients can expect the results to last between 3-6 months, with an average of around 4 months.

Botox works to stop your muscles from creasing your skin, preventing wrinkles from forming

Anti-wrinkle injections (or Botox) are mainly administered around the face particularly the forehead, crow's feet, worry lines and around the eyes and the frown lines between the eyes on the bridge of the nose (glabellar wrinkles).

Botox injections can also be used to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Dermal Fillers

Plump, sculpt and volumize target areas around the face, lips and neck with dermal fillers.

Primarily formulated with nourishing hyaluronic acid, designed to hydrate and bring youthfulness back to the skin from the inside,

A simple, non-invasive procedure with little to no downtime and almost instant results.

Enhance, fill and plump specific areas of your choice including the lips, cheeks, jawline, chin, dark under-eyes, tear troughs and mouth lines

As we get older the amount of the naturally occurring, highly moisturising agent hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases. This causes the skin to become more fragile and causes the formation of wrinkles as the tissues sag over time. Dermal fillers treatment comprises hyaluronic acid that is injected under the skin to enhance facial features and plump and fill lines and sunken areas. They can be used in various areas of the face to achieve different objectives. From the more common lip fillers, to nasolabial folds and tear trough treatments.

Dermal Fillers we offer;

  • Lip Injections - the most popular dermal fillers we offer. The filler can be used to volumize , plump and reshape the lips. The shape and size of your lips will be discussed in your pre-treatment consultation. You will end up with a more defined lip shape with natural fullness in desired areas. Lip fillers generally last 6-12 months.
  • Cheek Fillers - If you are self-conscious about having barely visible cheekbones, cheek fillers may be the right treatment for you. This treatment will lift your cheekbones by adding volume to the area above and around them, creating an illusion of more defined bone structure. Additionally, by injecting volume under your skin layer, cheek fillers can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Cheek fillers can last between 6 months to 2 years and are a low risk procedure with quick recovery.
  • Jaw Fillers - Jawline fillers reduce the appearance of sagging skin and bone loss around the jaw. Are you uncomfortable with the look of your jawline? Jaw fillers are designed to add definition, balance, symmetry and contour to this area, especially in profile. Jawline fillers can reduce the age-related volume loss in the lower face, contour the jawline making it more oval looking and decrease the appearance of jowls.
  • Chin Fillers - Do you want to get rid of the 'soft-looking' chin? Similar to jaw fillers, chin fillers help to create definition in the lower third of the face, enhancing chin shape, whether the objective is volume, definition or balance. Anyone looking to balance out their facial proportions should consider chin fillers.
  • Nasolabial folds - In case you are not familiar with the name, nasolabial folds are the deep wrinkles or lines that form from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Their severity can vary from one person to another, but we all have them. If you want the nasolabial folds to be less prominent, dermal fillers can help. Our aesthetician will inject fillers around your cheek to increase the volume around that area and lift the skin. Nasolabial fillers last 6 months to 2 years, with most lasting 6 to 9 months.
  • Tear trough filler - A tear trough is a deep crease between the lower eyelid and the top of your cheek. It can create a shadow below your eyes, making you look tired. Tear troughs can be inherited or become more prominent as you get older. If you have a baggy skin under your eyes, tear through filler is a right treatment for you. Filler can reduce the depth of the tear trough by making it look fuller and tighter. This is a relatively safe treatment and a lot less invasive than surgery. Tear trough filler last about a year.
  • Marionette Lines - Marionette lines are the lines that develop between the mouth and chin as skin begins to age and lose elasticity. The skin around your mouth is prone to wrinkling as it's thinner compared with the rest of your face. Dermal fillers will help to plump your skin making it look fuller and firmer. Moreover, hyaluronic acid dermal filler stimulates the production of collagen over time and treats the file lines and wrinkles.
  • Sagging brows - As we age our face loses volume. Sagging skin on the eyebrows and eyelids is the reason behind having an older-looking appearance. Fortunately, this is where dermal fillers come to the rescue. Hyaluronic acid fillers can be injected directly under the brow which lifts the eyelids.